33 Days of Stewardship

A Journey of Great Discoveries
and Great Decisions

Churches across America are experiencing stewardship in a totally new way. Through an innovative program called 33 Days of Stewardship, they're discovering powerful principles and they're making positive decisions. As one pastor said, "This program has revolutionized the way our people think about Christian service and Christian stewardship."

33 Days of Stewardship motivates believers to be faithful, committed stewards. This engaging strategy features a wealth of resources including an insightful book on stewardship, a day-by-day discovery guide, and a comprehensive manual. The manual contains pastoral letters, inspiring sermons and theme-specific lessons for adults and youth. There are also bulletin inserts, posters, commitment cards and other valuable items - all designed to culminate in a day of commitment by the entire church body.

33 Days of Stewardship is the perfect way to conduct an annual stewardship emphasis. It is also an ideal resource in preparing for a capital stewardship campaign. Based on the acclaimed book, The 33 Laws of Stewardship, this unique program is a master plan to mobilize Christians for purposeful stewardship. It's a faith-expanding venture in which believers learn how stewardship encompasses all of life. And it's a proven strategy for uniting the church body in a journey of lasting significance.

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