By Timothy Eldred

Prayer is the oxygen of faith. Prayer is the lifeblood of the church.

Many adults in your congregation are already praying for the students in your youth ministry — and you have surely been blessed and encouraged by their intercession.

But what could happen if these faithful adults actually prayed WITH your students?

It's worth finding out!

Pray21 is a simple, 21-day guided prayer partnership between a student and an adult mentor. As they read, study and pray together both students and mentors learn more about their place in God's multi-generational family.

What will 21 days of praying WITH youth do for your ministry?

  • Praying WITH youth will unite generations in the cause.

  • Praying WITH youth will encourage growth in Christ.

  • Praying WITH youth will forge lasting relationships.

  • Praying WITH youth will change the future.


To learn more about launching Pray21 in your church check out our quick How-to Guide


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