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Graduate to Greatness:

The Perfect Gift for the Class of 2019

Before you know it, this year’s Senior Class will be wearing their caps and gowns and joyfully accepting their diplomas. Young men and women from your own church will take that big step, and you’ll want to give them your special congratulations. It’s an occasion that calls for a meaningful gift from the church, pastor or youth leader—a gift that expresses heartfelt interest and genuine encouragement.

In 2019, give your graduates a gift they’ll appreciate and a message they’ll remember. Give them Graduate to Greatness—one of the finest books ever published for this important life passage. In easy-to-read language and user-friendly graphics, this inspiring book tells how to experience true greatness of character and achievement. With captivating illustrations and biblically sound advice, Graduate to Greatness has a message with lasting impact.

Order now and you’ll receive with each book a deluxe silver foil box and custom greeting card. And perhaps best of all, you’ll receive the audiobook version at no additional cost. It’s a total gift package that includes everything you need to make a lasting impression on the graduating seniors from your church.

To make a great thing even better, you’ll also get a huge discount offered exclusively to churches and church leaders. The retail price of this unique gift package is $19.95. But by ordering direct from Spire you can purchase the complete package for as low as $7.95.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Your graduates receive an exceptional gift and your church gets a major discount. Nothing is better for the occasion. Act soon to take advantage of this extraordinary, limited time offer!

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Graduate to Greatness Preview

Once the preview loads you can read through the Introduction by John Maxwell and the first chapter on "Gratitude."