A Month of Prayer for America

A Simple Plan, A Unique Resource

Pray31 is based on a simple plan: 31 days of focused prayer for America.

The guide for this 31-day journey is a unique resource, the Pray31 U.S. Prayer Atlas. Church members use the Atlas for just a few minutes every day, praying for that day’s requests. By the end of the 31 days, they will have prayed across America. In the process, their own lives will be spiritually enriched and energized.

The Pray31 Leader’s Guide provides a detailed, step-by-step strategy. The guide includes a planning calendar, pastoral letters, sermon outlines, and other elements to enliven the church’s 31-day prayer journey. Also available are bulletin inserts, posters, PowerPoint slides, banner graphics and more. And, of course, the primary resource—the Pray31 U.S. Prayer Atlas

Designed To Fit Your Church

Pray31 is unique because it won’t interfere with your church's pre-arranged schedule, programs or ministries. In fact, it enhances all other activities as it deepens the prayer life of the church.

Low Cost, High Impact

It costs very little to implement the Pray31 strategy. The only expense is what you invest in copies of the Pray31 U.S. Prayer Atlas for each church member. And thanks to the deep discounts being offered to churches, that cost is reduced significantly. Participating churches receive the Leader’s Guide and all other program materials at no additional cost.

Strategic, focused, purposeful prayer makes such an impact! Your church will experience that impact as you conduct your own Pray31 emphasis. There is no doubt: This is important. The spiritual health of our country is at stake, and prayer can make the difference!

Make the decision to conduct a Pray31 initiative in your church. Get the resources you need and get ready for a life-transforming journey.

Act now to lead your church on this extraordinary journey!

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